Wednesday, July 18, 2007

50 Things

I started writing this one awhile back after seeing some other bloggers do this. This is my 50th blog post, and to celebrate, I wrote a list of:

50 Things you may not know about me…

1) My favorite colors are fall colors: hunter green, browns, eggplant, rust.

2) I was one of those kids who was a picky eater and today my comfort foods are still bologna and cheese sandwiches, Mac and Cheese, and pepperoni pizza.

3) I tend to get really passionate about things and then burn out on them later.

4) I don’t enjoy cooking. I wish I did.

5) The more I fly in airplanes, the more I am afraid to fly. It’s not the flying really… it’s the falling. And falling. And falling.

6) I LOVE being in a forest.

7) My dream house would be a huge colorful Victorian house in the forest with a stream running through it (the forest, not the house) where my kids could play and explore. And it would be 20 minutes from a major metropolitan city where there is lots of arts and culture, and there is a full blown winter that lasts for 2 weeks.

8) I love my kids. I do. But I am really disappointed I didn’t have a daughter.

9) I think I appreciate how lucky I am more than most people do.

10) I don’t live according to a lot of my beliefs. I can be a hypocrite.

11) I am probably too frugal.

12) I often feel completely overwhelmed with three kids, and yet I sometimes fantasize about having more kids. (Don’t worry, Michael!)

13) I want madly to decorate my home, but don’t want to invest much in a rental. So I live kind of unhappy with my surroundings. I am trying to find ways to fix that.

14) I am addicted to Pepsi.

15) Both my parents grew up in Michigan. My brother and I are both Ohioans.

16) While my hubby and I met, and plan to spend the rest of our lives in California, all three of our kids were born in Ohio too.

17) I think I ended up with the best possible husband for me. Thank God for that.

18) I believe that if you really desire something in your life, and you “ask the universe” specifically for what you want to come to you or happen to you, and then you just trust and believe, you have greatly upped your chances of getting it. I believe that thoughts are things. And thoughts have power.

19) I love to read books. Historical Fiction and Sci Fi mostly. But I rarely have time to read.

20) I would be happier if I had a closer group of friends. My closest friends live far, far away from me.

21) I hated high school. I LOVED college.

22) I attended about 6 different colleges and universities.

23) My parents paid for almost all of my college, and I didn’t use it to train for a specific career. I feel kind of guilty about that, but also I feel happy with most of the choices I have made.

24) I wish I was more artistic. I envy people who can create.

25) I used to work in live theater and I was the most creatively fulfilled there. I worked in stage management which allowed me to use my organizational skills and people skills to (help) make good art.

26) I love to travel. If I were unencumbered, I would spend my time traveling the planet, and living for months at a time in different countries.

27) I love learning about history and other cultures. Customs, rituals and religions fascinate me.

28) I feel like I have almost completely given up listening to music since I had kids. I have NPR playing almost exclusively on the radio all day so I can feel like I am still in touch with the world. I LOVE NPR. I miss music. But I feel like I can’t just soak it in anymore. I am too scattered with getting things done and seeing to the needs of the kids.

29) I need to see “all the grass” before I buy something expensive.

30) I love imported “global” type home furnishings the best. Especially from places like Thailand, Morocco, India, etc.

31) I feel like, professionally, the things I enjoyed doing most, I wasn’t all that talented at. And the things I didn’t enjoy so much, I did really well.

32) I think a sweet sauce on savory food is gross.

33) I am almost totally deaf in my right ear. It’s mostly because I wanted to kiss a college age boy when I was 16. Long story…

34) I don’t much like talking on the phone. I especially dislike having to call strangers and will avoid it for days on end.

35) I love cheese. It’s my favorite food.

36) I still love the music my mom turned me onto when I was 8. Cat Stevens, Harry Belafonte, and Simon and Garfunkle. I would kill to see Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) or Simon and Garfunkle play live. I already saw Harry Belafonte. He rocked.

37) My mom, my brother and I had our picture taken in front of the Edmund Fitzgerald not long before it sunk, inspiring the song by Gordon Lightfood. I lost the slide, when I separated it from the rest of the family slides so I could show it to my brother. That kills me. He would have loved to see that.

38) My parents took us on a vacation every year when I was a kid, even if it meant just a camping trip. It usually meant station wagon trips to different states each time. I think it shaped much of who I am today. I want to do that for my kids, when they are old enough to appreciate it.

39) My favorite movie is Harold and Maude. Go get it. Watch it. I know it looks odd, but don’t judge a movie by its cover. I met quite a few famous people through my past jobs, but meeting Bud Cort, who played Harold, was one of the very few who made me giddy and nervous.

40) My earliest memory is a flying dream where I flew out my bedroom window during a nap. My bedroom faced the street and I knew I couldn’t cross the street by myself, so I flew up over the roof to the backyard, instead.

41) I used to be a Campfire Girl, and LOVED going to camp in the summer. I chose to be a Campfire Girl instead of a Girl Scout, because Campfire had a big sleep-away camp, and the Girl Scouts had a sleep-away barn. The Girl Scouts sold cookies, and Campfire Girls sold candy that was like Heath Bars.

42) I LOVE Heath Bars.

43) My worst grammatical problem is that I am addicted to ellipses…

44) And incomplete sentences.

45) I went to Thailand on my honeymoon. It was just about the most fantastic place I have ever been.

46) I have absolutely NO problem changing dirty diapers. I would do it for an extra year if someone would feed my children for me.

47) My favorite flowers are lilacs and roses.

48) I am jealous because, since giving birth to the twins, I now have more grey hairs than my own mother does. And from the looks of it, I will someday have a full head of WHITE hair, just like my dad.

49) I memorize phone numbers better by looking at the numbers on the keypad and memorizing the pattern there, better than I do just remembering the numbers in my head.

50) I have a hidden stat counter on my blog. I know how often you come visit my page. Heh heh heh…


Snowbird said...

Wow, even I learned a few things about you--although I pretty much knew most of the 50. By the way, the kids must have taken a long nap today, huh?? :-)

Karen C. said...

Nawww... just the usual. I spent about three days writing this in spurts. But the fact that you know most of it already just shows good communication between a mom and a daughter.

Actually, I spent most of the babies nap on the couch moaning... have a nasty stomache/headache thing.

Snowbird said...

Ouch, sounds like you have what Erin and Ethan had. Take care of yourself.

njbcfan said...

From time to time, I'll search the web for things to enhance my knowledge of the life and career of Bud Cort. Finding your blog, in reference to No. 39 of your "50 Things", and as a HUGE Bud Cort fan, I always like to hear of, if not from, other fans who have had encounters with him. Where was he when you met him and what was he like when you met him?

Karen C. said...

Oh, he was very sweet and gracious. Since not many other than you and I will get into the story, I will write you and tell you ALL!