Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Through the Eyes of a Child

Every time I pull out the camera and take some pictures of the kids, Noah will inevitably ask if he can take some pictures. I usually say yes with the same lecture about how fragile a camera is and "What are the rules?"

"No touching the screen.
No touching the lens.
No dropping the camera.
The camera is fragile."
"And, a camera is not a toy."

yadda yadda yadda.

When I realized how much he loved taking pictures of the world around him, I started allowing him to use the camera more often. I started teaching him about framing a shot and different vantage points. He takes some interesting shots!

So I finally decided to open an account for him on flickr so that his pics and mine wouldn't get mixed together. I will put up some of his best ones.

He took this photo of Ethan. Yes, that is Luka back there standing on the bench trying to figure out how to climb over the fence.

For more pictures by Noah, check out his Flickr Page by clicking here!!


Elaine said...

That's a great idea! I should totally set one up for Lily. Her photos can be found here (although I haven't added to the set in a while):

Karen C. said...

Oh those are great! It IS fun seeing things from a kids point of view... what they find interesting. What grownups look like from down on the floor.

Carmen said...

Wonderful pictures! Gregory was into taking pictures for a while, but it has lost its charm. I'm just glad I didn't spend the money on a digital camera for him. You never can tell when kids are gonna change their minds.

Lara said...

He takes some great photos!! Great idea!

Gumby said...

that is a great shot!