Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

(Forgive me, I cannot for the life of me get my blogger editor to put my pictures where I want them, so its a little messy. But I trust you to imagine just how zen and beautiful it should be.)

(You can do that, right?)

For the next week or so, my parents are in town, as is my brother's ten year old daughter, all from Ohio. Its been nice seeing Erin again, and realizing again how attached Noah was and still is to her. He has missed her quite a lot since we moved away from Ohio.

We have done a lot of the obligatory San Diego touristy things, and will doing a few more. We saw the Fourth of July fireworks over the bay, spent an afternoon wandering around Coronado and seeing the Hotel Del Coronado, explored Balboa Park and took in a museum, ate in a couple cafes and have been drinking a lot of frappucinos.

Today we went to the San Diego Zoo. I had forgotten what a nice zoo this is, and we went with the whole crowd, babies and all. It went better than expected. Got some good pictures of the animals, the kids, and introduced Noah to the sky tram. I wondered if he would do okay with heights since he has always balked at ferris wheels but he was a champ.

Tomorrow we are all off to hike around Torrey Pines State Park and will attempt to keep small children from sliding off the edge of any cliffs while hiking. Monday will be all about Legoland and getting all wet at their new pirate adventure area. And then Tuesday its down into Mexico in search of a shaded patio, some cheap lobster and very large margaritas.

Will try to keep you all updated, but with 5 of us vying for the laptop... we shall see.

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tell your mom and dad hello for me!