Monday, July 2, 2007

Three Little Birds... Singin' Sweet Songs

Hey there everyone.

First off... while hopping around reading some of the blogs I like to look at, I ran across a revamped site of a photographer whose stuff I like, and as it turns out, she put some music on her webpage that I just fell in love with! Its by a group called the Be Good Tanyas. Maybe click over to their song The Littlest Birds and have a listen while reading the rest of this post. Its so sweet and happy!

I am still on the laptop and will be for awhile so I don't have access to my Adobe Photoshop, so there may not be any photo-goodness for you for a little while.

I am supposed to be cleaning and fixing up my house for my looming visit from the parents and my sweet niece. But instead I am working on a little project that I have been wanting to do. Noah is learning to read and I wanted to make some phonics flashcards for him. So I got a pile of index cards and have been looking up all the sounds that are out there in the english language and putting them down on each card. I also made a whole bunch with all the words you need to know when reading your first sentances. Words like "I", "who", "what", "do", "they", "see", "run, "Dick", "run".

No, I did not make a card that says "Dick" on it. I doubt Noah will be reading Dick and Jane in this day and age.

In case you didn't know, my son Noah is a linguistic genious. No, really! I was pointing at letters and telling us what they were called before the age of 2. And he was telling us what sounds they made before we taught him those things. Like it was just already there in his head. He was sounding out words at this third birthday. That was a year and a half ago. Then the twins were born.

And where is he now? He is still just starting to sound out words. With the crazyness that twin babies brings, we have totally dropped the ball in teaching our little word genious to read. He would be SO far ahead if we had had the time to work with him more. But I am assuming with some work and some flashcards (now that the babies are a bit less time consuming and can play on thier own for some period of time) that Noah will be jumping ahead in no time. Leaps and bounds! Sky's the limit!

So how didja like that Littlest Birds song? Sweet, huh?


Lara said...

I love that song. It was in a commercial for Zellers (a canadian store) a couple of years ago and I couldn't stop listening to it, or a bunch of their other music :)

Carmen said...

Great song. I was just listening to myself (it's on my blog).

Don't worry too much about 'dropping the ball' on the reading thing. Gregory really had no interest in actually reading until I started K with him. Now he is reading like a pro. I can't believe he is the same little boy that had to sound out everything (even if the same word was on the page a dozen times, he would sound it out every time) for more than a year. I'm sure Noah will pick it up quickly.