Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Little Respite

Oh, it was lovely. Nineteen whole hours with my fantastic hubby and no kids.

No desperation, no fighting, no clawing at my pants to be picked up, no peas on the floor, no vomit, no Teletubbies, no diarrhea, no biting.

Not that I don’t just love all those things…

Of course I love my kids, but sometimes a Mama and Daddy just need some Mama and Daddy time. And this was our two-week early anniversary celebration.

Immediately after checking into the hotel, over cheese and crackers and a glass of wine from the gift basket, we marveled how long it had been since we had had a real conversation. Not the hurried, “here are the things you need to know about Noah’s school and what I did with the bank accounts, and oh, this thing over here is broken and needs to be fixed” conversation you have in the hour between getting the last kid into bed and falling asleep yourself, but a real talk. About anything we wanted. Of course, it always ended up veering back towards the kids, but it was more about milestones and wonder than diaper rash and what to bring on snack day.

We were on the tenth floor and the view of the city skyline and the harbor were just beautiful. We could see in the distance the place where we had watched the Fourth of July fireworks over the bay, see the city skyline and the Coronado Bridge, and could watch the airplanes coming in for a landing at the airport (which was shockingly quiet due maybe to the angle, even out on the balcony!). I wished I had brought my “good” camera but my point and shoot got this great shot.

We went for a quiet dinner (Quiet!!) of pasta with smoked chicken and pine nuts, and lots of good veggies. A walk along the marina. Watched a movie in the room, which we almost never get to do anymore. I miss movies. It was a lovely night.

The next day we had a long, luxurious breakfast buffet in the dining room. Omelets and fruit, cinnamon rolls and all you can eat bacon! Bottomless fresh squeezed orange juice and a coffee pot all to ourselves.

Another walk and a morning shower and it was time for check out. Sigh…. But it was a wonderful little respite which left us rested, and closer, and more patient with our children.

It takes a little time away from the children to make a parent the best parent they can be.

Thanks again, Mima.


Snowbird said...

Sounds great. I'm glad you enjoyed your brief "vacation". I think you needed one after the go, go, go we put you through when we were there.

Christine said...

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Susan said...

Glad you got a break. I have a friend who has quadruplets! Yes 2 sets of identical twins. I don't think they have slept since the kids were born. Our family volunteered to babysit one day. Boy that was something. If ever you feel overwhelmed, just remember in Berlin sits a mom with 2 sets! You guys with multiples are supermoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!