Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Da Dwins Hab a Bad Toad!

I am up to my kneecaps in SNOT!!

I won't go into the amount of vomit I have seen this week.

The twins have both been sick for days and days and days. I have lost count. And it comes in waves… just as you think its subsiding, one of them lays around all lethargic again.

Nighttimes and naps are not going well because of it. They both tend to wake 20 or 30 minutes into their much-needed naps and begin screaming. Luka has developed this weird wake-up-too-early tantrum where he starts crying in his bed, can’t be consoled, and I take him downstairs to prevent him from waking Ethan. Then he proceeds to become Super Angry Baby, kicking and howling and thrusting, all arms and flying tears. He bangs his head on nearby arms of chairs and almost goes catapulting to the floor, and is very hard to hold onto. This will go on for 45 minutes straight.

Well, last night, poor Ethan who is feeling the brunt of this virus now, kept waking up and moaning loudly until near midnight he started freaking out with Super Anger powers of his own. I took him downstairs to try to allow the rest of the family to sleep, but eventually, Michael joined me out of worry. We checked him all over to see if there was any physical signs of injury we hadn’t noticed. Nothing. Gave him two kinds of pain reliever. Tried to give him the teddy bear he has glommed onto recently, and still he is writhing in fury. After 45 minutes or so, I turned on a Sesame Street tape so he could see “Melmo” who always makes him smile. And he finally settled down. He kept murmuring “…melmo…” between those hiccupy gasps people make after a super-cry, trying to comfort himself. Michael went back to bed, Ethan and I watched Elmo until nearly 1am when it ended and I turned off the TV. Ethan finally dozed off to sleep and allowed me to put him back in the crib.

He did still wake to moaning 4 or 5 more times, but didn’t require more than a teddy bear, a pat on the back, and a “there-there”.

(just noticing that my spell checker didn't freak out over "glommed". huh.)


Noah has his very first school pictures today!! We practiced his natural-smile a bunch last night…

It’s going to be 80 degrees today, but Mama made him wear a sweater because he looks just SO DARN CUTE in it!! I told him that after pictures are taken, if he feels at all like passing out, he is free to remove it and put it in his backpack.


Didja notice, that is three posts in one day??

Didja? Didja??


Mom said...

Wow, three in one day. I guess that makes up for all the days you missed, huh:-) Anyway, I'm so sorry that the kids are sick. Ugh. It sounds like the screaming could be from headache or something huh? Anyway, I hope that they get better soon. Let's just hope Noah doesn't get it too.

By the way, I've been cemetery hopping today. Found lots of your ancestors. Also, took pictures in Allendale for you. I also found a booklet on the history of Allendale. It mentions Olive's house. I'll make a copy for you.

Love ya. Hang in there.

Mom said...

By the way, hope I get one of Noah's school pics. :-) Can't wait to see them.