Saturday, October 13, 2007

See You Later, Vader!

So, Noah has decided what he wants to be for Halloween. Vader. Darth Vader. He hasn’t even ever seen the movie and he wants to be Darth Vader. He has been jonesing for a working light saber for a year now so I am guessing this is his way of getting one finally.
It was his idea to dress the twins up... Ethan as Chewbacca and Luka as Yoda. Woulda been hilarious but those costumes cost thirty bucks each.
I found a used costume on Ebay that was local, a good price and included the light saber (the ones in the store do NOT include the saber. So cruel.).

We took a special trip and picked the costume up, took it home and tried it on, and he looks awesome! So cute in his little black suit. The front has all these little “computer lights” and switches on it. He asked what they were for. I told him it was probably part of the machine that helps Vader breathe.

He said, no, he thought it was the machine that Darth Vader uses to make bullies cry.
Love that.

So, today it was nap time and he picked up the mask on his way to the bed. He wanted to wear it during his nap and I was trying to convince him that he would dent it by rolling over on it, and we finally made a compromise that he could wear it during “cuddles” and then he would put it away when I left the room. We always have cuddles on the bed before nap and bed time… a few minutes of lying together and chatting.

So there I find myself in bed with Darth Vader’s Mini Me, reclining on his side with his head resting on his palm. Looking into Black Helmet Man’s little mask.
He says, “Kiss me, Mama. Kiss the mask!"

“No, I am not gonna kiss you in that mask”

Which of course sends him into giggle fits and he reaches for my face trying to kiss me, and I'm just trying to squirm away and all I can think is I am in bed with Darth Vader and he's trying to grab and kiss me. And he's my SON!

I got two words for ya…. “CREE – PY”.
Let's just say cuddles did not last very long.


Mom said...

I was just wondering yesterday what you were going to dress the kids as. You always have such neat costumes. Don't forget to take pictures for the grandmas. I like Noah's idea of Yoda and Chewbaca. That would be a hoot.

Gumby said...

be careful with the light saber. You can lose a hand with those things.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Gumby, we got the childproof version of the evil red saber.

Sabre? Saber?

Mom, no longer get to have funky fun costumes for Noah... he gets whatever he wants now.

We got some funs ones for the twins... not Star Wars themed, but pretty funny. Stay tuned.