Monday, October 22, 2007

Wildfires in San Diego - Take 2


Finally found a really good map of what is going on... check it out. The one that concerns us is called the Witch Fire which started in Witch Creek. Nice creepy, halloweeny name. Geeez...
Maybe the karma would be better if we called it the Gentle Fire or something. The Be-Kind Fire.

Spent the whole day trying to pack while trying to juggle cranky kids (who were likely picking up on my stress).

Today was the day Noah was having his assembly where his class was doing a little play. He had one line. And then he was to get an award for being one of the most respectful kids in his class.

So, I dragged the babies out of their cribs after only having napped an hour out of their usual two. Go them to school, into the stroller. As I went through the gate, which the principal was holding open, she said, "Your son is in kindergarten? You can sign him out in his room". I cheerily said, "Thanks!" and walked on.

"What did she say??"

I went back to the gate and said, "Excuse me, I'm here for the play??" and she said, "Oh... play has been cancelled. The school is closing because of the fires. It's going to be closed tomorrow at the very least, as well."


The classroom was in an uproar. There were room parents helping out but the kids were at their desks doing next to nothing while the adults were furiously packing the "monday folder" with homework for the week, notes home, test results, etc. I signed Noah out, and our carpool-kid, Cooper, and then called Cooper's mom to tell him that I was bringing him home.

So, we played at Cooper's house awhile before heading home to pack some more. And then because he was near mutinous, I didn't make Noah take a nap because I didn't have time for tantrums and cajoling. So I let him play while I packed things we might need for evacuation.
A friend offered her house up for us to crash at if necessary. She ROCKS!!
There is, apparently, a reverse-911 system that will call us if we must get out. So, the car is packed, and the kids are finally in bed after a long napless, cranky day of stress.

Hopefully, we will eventually have to go through the annoyance of carting all that stuff back into the house in a few days.

But we hear the firestorm will likely be going on for quite awhile.

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willowtree said...

Boy, I sure hope you dodge the bullet. Having been through this myself, I know the extreme anxiety you would be feeling right now. My thoughts are with you