Sunday, October 21, 2007

Everything's Coming Up Roses!!

Some days are crazy. They make you want to run amok, screaming.

Other days, you just feel so blessed. Lately it’s been the latter. Good things have just been coming my way!

(Which helps, since I am in mourning and all!)

We recently purchased a new Honda Odyssey which is AWESOME! I plan on blogging about how lucky and thrilled I am about that alone, but I keep not getting any pretty pictures of my new baby, as it sits in a very unattractive carport.

But I digress.

The Odyssey came WITH an already-installed iPod adapter that was rather useless to us since we had no such iPod. Well, then the hubby decided to finally cash in his stash of birthday gift cards he has been hording (for Best Buy) and plopped down a small gift box in front of me, as proud as if he was setting down a bright blue box from Tiffany’s. I have been transferring songs, and cover art and audiobooks to it for the last couple days like a madwoman.

And as I sat there choosing which songs to download for easy listening in the new Odyssey, the mailman arrived with a box, which my husband again deposited in front of me… a dozen roses from my brother and his family, just BECAUSE!!! My BROTHER!!!

(Yes, he does indeed rock.)

After clipping stems and depositing said roses into a lovely vase, I sat back down again at my desk to read my emails. I had stayed up too late entering some giveaways a couple nights earlier, and in my email I found THREE, (count em’ THREE!) emails in response saying I had won some giveaways!

Okay, to be honest, those three emails came over the last four days, but WOOOOOT!!!

YAY FOR ME!!!!!!

My prizes include a really sweet pair of skeleton earrings for Halloween, a cool sew-on patch (that I will post pics of soon), a gorgeous (pricey!) turquoise bracelet, and a whole bunch of kid’s clothes from Hanes!

And then, somewhere in there… we got “Boo’d”. It’s okay, it’s a good thing! Someone rang our doorbell and ran off, leaving a goodybag of Halloween treats on our front door, with a note saying we had been "Boo’d" and we were to make two more goody bags and pick two other neighbors whom we could surprise. (Noah had a blast helping us assemble them… we have yet to leave them on porches, but soon!)

And now I must stop writing, and sit down with the best prize of all… my family.

It’s dinner time, yo.


Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

I am the giveaway QUEEN!!! Sitting down after dinner, I learned I just won a buncha healthy Halloween cupcakes that I can share with my allergic (to everything) niece and nephew!!!

I am off to buy some lottery tickets!

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