Tuesday, October 23, 2007

KPBS Lost Their Transmitter

Update: KPBS is back on the air, on their own frequency. Mucho
appreciation goes out to FM94.9 fir providing airspace for palatable news broadcasts.

I just wanted to post this since I find that some people come this way from Google searches for random things...

If you have found that KPBS has been knocked off the air, they are now broadcasting on 94.9, who has generously given their airwaves over to KPBS for the day.

I heard Tom Fudge (I think it was) saying that a fire went up the mountain where their repeater was but that they were still broadcasting, so everything must be fine. Then, a half hour later, I came back into the kitchen to find static playing. The DJ's have been invited to provide their excellent service on another station.

So, go listen to KPBS on FM94.9. It seems to be the most awesome place for news right now.

As of 11am today, a half a million people have been asked to leave their homes. That is 1/6 of the population of the county, the most in California history.

I just heard the whole town of Julian is now being evacuated. Hmmm... can't head west. Into the desert for them??

Again, this map is awesome and mostly up to date.


Wrath said...

Thinking about you guys.

Tell the boys we love them. Is Michael impacted at work by all this?

The map is definitely cool. I saw something similar during Katrina. Plus.....a wikipedia article seemed to serve the same purpose as it was updated continuously as the situation evolved. It looks like they are doing something similar. Check it out.


Mom said...

I got KPBS on the internet. They said that they lost their tower. Rather interesting to listen to the station while looking at the map since they were the ones that put the map up and refer to it quite often. Anyway, hang in there and we are thinking about you a lot.

Gumby said...

I've never seen google maps used like that, pretty cool.

It's odd how the fire stops right at the Mexico border.

Gumby said...

if you haven't already, you and Michael really need to decide on a definite relocation location (no rhyme intended nor desired but it really seemed the best phrase) ahead of time that you can meet at if it comes to that.

Mom said...

Good idea Gumby.

Pam said...

Keep us posted, if possible. We will keep you in our thoughts. Pam