Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We've Been Given a Sign

So guess what popped up on the front lawn of the house we are renting the other morning like some nasty poison mushroom?

Yeah! For Sale Sign!!!

Might this have had something to do with the guy Noah saw sneaking around taking pictures of our house the other day?

Our property manager had given us an inkling that this might happen a few days ago when he asked… well, he asked if we wanted to BUY this house! In THIS market!!

Let’s see, looking at this house on, it seems that the value of this house went down 6,364 dollars in the last 30 days. About 50,000 dollars in the past 11 months! And the market is supposed to go down 4 percent in the next 12 months.

Hmmmm, do we want to buy this house with one living area, connected to the dining room, 3 small bedrooms, one bathtub, three boys who are getting bigger and wilder each day… lets see… ummm…


The answer is No.

Do I want to clean my house thoroughly on a moment’s notice so that potential buyers can traipse through? Do I want to leave before my lease is up next spring? Do I want to try to find a new home in the school district I just spent the last 4 months enrolling Noah in? Do I want to leave the neighborhood where I just met my first friend in a year?

Again, the answer is No.


Elaine said...

Geeze. A little notice would have been nice, though. Good luck house hunting. I hope you find the perfect home to rent/own before the owner of your current place goes all wonkey!

Mom said...

Ouch. Just one more thing to have to worry about. Hopefully something will turn up (like the perfect house ie the River House West) or no one will turn up (to buy the current house).

Sonya said...

I don't blame you one bit. It would be nice if the owner of the property would just come and tell you he's gonna sell before popping a sign in the yard! Sheesh!