Friday, October 12, 2007

Time For Change

So it’s REALLY getting to be time to give the twins their first real haircut. Ethan’s hair is still adorably tousled, but Luka’s is getting crazy long in back.

I have been cutting Noah’s hair since the beginning, but it’s straight and easy. One could almost pop a bowl on his head and cut around it. But the twins have CURLY hair, and I haven’t a clue how or where to start. And their long curly mop-tops have come to define them. If it weren’t for the social pressure, I would just keep clipping their bangs out of their eyes in order to keep their curly locks in back.

But on the other hand, I fear they will begin to look like Celine Dion’s son before too long.

I ran across this post on a blog called Amalah about getting her little boy’s hair cut. The first picture in her post is what I am afraid of happening if I go into a salon. The last picture is my dream fantasy of what I could walk out with. (And her son's hair even looks like Ethan's quite a bit!)

So, I am now hypothetically putting out my hat in front of my hypothetical hurdy-gurdy, and doing my silly dance to raise funds for airplane tickets for three to Washington DC so I can take the boys to Amalah’s hair stylist, who is on my hypothetical pedestal.

Can you spare some change, sir?

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Mom said...

Oooooo, I hate to see their hair cut. I love the look they have now. Please don't get it cut short. I love the curls. But, I have to admit, Celine's son's hair is just a wee bit too long for a boy. Or at least for our boys!