Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Girl On The Block

It's contagious, isn't it? This blog thing. It spreads from friend to friend, even from acquaintance to acquaintance. Now I've given this disease to my mother. There is no cure...

So, please welcome, my mom's new bouncing baby blog...

She is a pretty amazing woman! In her About Me section, she writes this:

I guess actually I am a Sunbird since we are now Florida residents. I am a retired Special Ed. teacher who spends 7 months of the year on Sanibel Island, Florida and 5 months of the year in Findlay, Ohio. I have been married to my hubby, Chuck, for 45 years. I have two great kids, a son and a daughter, who have two great spouses. I am the proud grandmother of 5. Sam, my firstborn grandson is 14 and loves snowboarding. Erin, my only granddaughter is 10 and has inherited her grandmother's love of sports. Noah, my only dark haired, dark eyed cutie is almost 5 and has just started kindergarten, and Ethan and Luka, my adorable twins who are as different as night and day are almost 2. What do I love besides my family? I love to walk on the beach and feel the sand between my toes. I love to shell pick and have quite a collection. I also have been a family genealogist for 40 years and love doing research. And I love BGSU hockey. But perhaps my favorite place is a place called CROW. This is the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Sanibel Island where I have been a volunteer for 6 years rescuing, rehabbing, and releasing wildlife.

So, check her out sometime... although she will probably make you jealous of her life of luxury in sunny Florida. She knows how to live it up. This is her and my dad watching the sunset near their home on Sanibel Island, with my son Noah in March of 2005.

Up at the top, there... that is her with Noah inside her Florida home with Noah, who was 16 months old at the time. I see a little bit of Ethan in there... just darker haired. And tan.


Snowbird said...

Thanks. I didn't know how people were gonna find out about me. I hope I do get lots of visitors. Love the pictures. I can't believe Noah was ever that little! Of course, he still not very big. :-)

Be Inspired Always said...

That's great that your mom has joined the blogging community.

Welcome and I'll be sure to stop on in.