Monday, November 19, 2007

Sometimes Mama Just Needs Her Java

Why, why, WHY do they do this to us?

I have only just gotten my first child into kindergarten and I am seeing the trend. Can you see what I am talking about on the calendar?

We are careening into what should be the best part of the year, what with the weather, the family holidays and kids’ birthdays. If only we didn’t have to deal with the weather, the holidays and the kids’ birthdays!!

Noah is in a “year-round” school which means he will go through the summer, but have longer breaks all through the year. I have no idea how people find childcare, those who need it more than I, for these short intervals. The school does seem to send home flyers for “day camps” that cost a good deal but keep the kids active and having fun without all that educational hoo-hah!

There was one offered this week but I chose to keep Noah home because it actually looked a bit too strenuous, and included kids up to age 12.

So this week I have all three kids home, trying to entertain those with different age specific needs, and different nap times, even different meal times, while trying to pack for our trip to Grandma Vera’s house, make stuffing that isn’t lame, and plan and shop for Noah’s birthday party away from home.

Today, we made it a fun day, instead, and blew off the responsibilities. I tried to take the kids to get books from the library (and sign language videos, mostly for Luka) for the week since Noah isn’t bringing books home from school nightly. But when we got there, I realized it wouldn’t be open for 2 more hours.

So, we headed to Java Mama’s, this AWESOME coffeehouse designed for moms and small kids, with a play area, a classroom, toys, and wicked Mochas. They were having a sing-along at 11am, and we were way early since we had skipped the library, so we headed first to a recommended playground with a fence all the way around (which is essential when you have twin toddlers who run in opposite directions at random times). Then off to sing-along time, and then home by 12:30!! Already a full day and it had only just started.

I barely got Noah down for a nap (which was spent standing on the bed and singing) when Ethan woke with a bad dream. So we are spending time ripping up pieces of wrapping paper and dropping them down the wrapping paper tube, which apparently is a “poisonous machine” because it somehow makes the bits of paper poisonous.

So Noah tells me.

Tonight, the playtime must end, and I must focus on packing and stuffing and planning.

Or maybe we will try the library again, instead.

So much more fun!


Snowbird said...

Better you than me, my dear! I'll be thinking of you though.

Snowbird said...

I just noticed from your calendar that you are celebrating your 12th anniversary. Wow!! Happy Anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Its kind of fuzzy to read there, but its 12 years since our first date! Hmmm... maybe I should go get some java with the hubby!!

Katrina Stonoff said...

Java Mamas sounds FABULOUS! I wish there was something like that around here.

Elaine said...

I do storytime there on Wednesday mornings at 10am so maybe we'll see you there. Any book requests?