Friday, November 30, 2007

Right As Rain

When we moved into our home, my courtyard was severely lacking in any greenery and my mother-in-law came to the rescue with some much needed and lovely potted plants.

One of them was this Camellia bush which I was really excited to receive.

I love camellias. They are so "genteel". They are graceful. They have that southern laid-back charm.

Did you know that one variety of camellia is what they use to make green tea? No wonder it's so soothing...

What I didn't know is that they take their own sweet time blooming.

I just had green leaves for the longest time, but then some buds started to appear. They are a bit smaller than golf balls now, and you can see the pink color peeking out, but they remain bundled up tight, taking their slow-as-molasses time.

So, I wait.

The winter rains have come to southern California. We were told of a chance of rain, but it has steadily fallen since before sunrise. You can tell the ground is just drinking it up. My plants look happy.

Today, an old friend is coming to stay with me for the night. We were friends way back from our days at Orange Coast College up in Costa Mesa. She has two kids I haven't seen in years who are now teenagers! A boy and a girl. Its gonna be great to catch up and be all girly with an old friend. I really need that. Need the giggles and hugs and understanding that comes with knowing someone for so many years.

I am gonna make us a big pot of Asian noodles and veggies, and maybe drink some hot green tea and enjoy the rain today.

What are you doing today??


Snowbird said...

I hope you post some pictures of the camellias when they bloom. Say hi to Karen for me. I would love to see pictures of her kids since I haven't seen them since your shower. And boy I wish we had a day long rain here. We NEED it!!

Anonymous said...

Camellias are late December to January bloomers in South Carolina, I'm willing to bet that yours will be on the same schedule. You should look to add Edgeworthia to your winter blooming shrub collection as well.

I love Camellias but most are too sensitive for my Zone 6 garden.

Jenny said...

I wish I had a yard to make pretty.