Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wannabe an Apronista!

I have been cooking a good deal more lately (stop looking so shocked!) and have been thinking of getting an apron. I keep wiping my hands on my pants. So I have taken to tucking a dishtowel into my jeans. Not the most stylish thing in the world.

I never much thought of aprons. Then my eyes beheld THESE beauties!!

And Apronista is having a giveaway for a holiday themed one. Of course I signed up. They offer a second entry to those who blog about it, but I decided not to do that.

But then, I kept thinking about that lovely apron, and how retro-cool I would look in it. It's reversable and comes with a matching hair band for *&%$#'s sake!!

So, yes, I am blogging about it. To get my extra entry. So I can look like Doris Day and cook like the Beav's mom!! Woot!!!

Crossing my fingers...


Domestic Chicky said...

Thanks for posting! Your boys are too cute...I have 2 boys, and I was a total girly-girl in my past life (stylist) - and we are neighbors in a way! I live up near Big Bear.

Cammie said...

Totally cute apron! My problem would be that that is an hour-glass apron and I am a pear body! Not so cute!

Mom said...

OMG, you cook???? :-) Hey, I'm proud of you and hope you win the apronista. It is cute. Good Luck

Banana-head Pancake said...

I love wearing my apron to cook and bake. It makes the whole experience that much more fun!

I hope you have received the Skeleton Earrings and Patch by now, although with all those scary fires I keep hearing about, I'm not sure about the Post!

Glad I found your blog, very enjoyable :)

Country Girl At Heart said...

Hello ShamaMama~Thanks for stoping by and visiting

I will be choosing a winner for my "Free Chidren's Books" giveaway on Nov.5 I will contact the winner by email or on their personal blog.

Thanks for joining and I come back and visit anytime.

Marie said...

I am dying to win that apron too, but it's only Friday and I've already won four giveaways! I did link to the Apronista in a post, but never posted the link to them. I want it, but I'd also be terrified to get it dirty, LOL.

Gumby said...

you're becoming such a housewife. My world is being turned upside down.

I bought Pokey an apron in New Orleans a few years back - "Will cook for sex"

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Ahhhh Gumby, don't be too worried about me! I just want to LOOK like a good housewife!! I have this fantasy that if I wear this apron my house will magically clean itself, and I will suddenly be abled with the magic ability to make the perfect casserole that even my children will love!

But like Marie, above, said... I would be terrified to wipe my hands on it as well. I think one must wear a tattered apron to cook, and then put this one out to bring the meal out to the smiling dinner guests gathered round the table!