Monday, November 26, 2007

Noah is Five

My boy is five.

My first son, my first child

He is five.

He is smart

He is serious

He is curious

He is proud

He is five.

He still needs help

He wants to do it himself

He wants company

He wants me to go away

He is learning to read

He is learning to write

He is five.

He uses big words

He pushes limits

He runs like the wind

He is silly

He is five.

He is careful

He is reckless

He is inquisitive

He is insightful

He just doesn’t understand

He works it out

He tries his best

He is five.

He is my baby

He is my big boy

He wants cuddles

He wants me to stop touching him

He wants me to stop it now

He wants me to show him how

He is charmingly polite

He is painfully rude

He is sorry

He is five.

He goes to school

He runs with scissors

He plays well with others

He loves his brothers

He shares

He takes

He pushes

He lies

He makes beautiful art

He dances to his own beat

He stands on his own two feet

He is five.

He is amazing

He loves me

He stands alone

He is his own man

He is all boy

He needs me

He is mine.

He is five.

My boy is five.


Snowbird said...

Awwww. I love the pictures and I love the words about him but---he can't be five. Didn't we just celebrate his first birthday? I remember washing chocolate frosting off of his face.

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Too Cute. I can't believe he is five...

I can't believe I have known you for more that 5 years!

Are you coming to see the Posada this year? There is a new Gracie!!!! Let me know and maybe we can meet up for dinner or something if I am in town.


Gumby said...

Happy Birthday to him!

And happy milestone to his mama.

Kate said...

Mine is five too and everything in your poem, especially the parts that contradict, apply to him too. Thanks for the perspective.

Stephanie said...

What a great slide show! Happy Birthday Noah!