Friday, November 16, 2007

Wherein She Renegs On Her Promise To Stop Talking About Giveaways Already, And Get Back To Real Blogging

Well, I had been planning to get over all that holiday contest craziness and get back to blogging about my family life, but I just can't help but gloat over the new "bling" (oooh, I'm so hip, so cool! I said bling!) that I won in a couple giveaways!

I mentioned these wins before but I feel compelled to give a little linky love to the hosts of the giveaways and to the companies that supplied the prizes.

First off is the "awesome!" (Noah's review) skeleton earrings that I won through a blog called Subu, Inc. Confessions of a Craftaholic and were made by an awesome little home-based company called Local Library. Both places are very fun to peruse. Check them out. I also won one of LL's little funky patches. Thanks, ladies!!

And then...

Then! I won this awesome chunky real turquoise bracelet from NY $pender, a blog full of fashion and style tips. Its made by a company called Luxe Jewels which makes just that: little pieces of luxury for your wrists, neck and ears!

Its called the La Playa bracelet. It's heavy and is valued at $85.00, baby! I love the black lines going through the stone. Its lovely. Especially on MY wrist!

A big Muchas Gracias to the people at both companies!

Okay, back to your usual business...

Just needed to gloat a little bit.

Needer, needer, neeeeeeeder!!!!


Katrina Stonoff said...

I agree -- that bracelet looks especially lovely on your wrist!

(It would have looked good on mine too though, even if my hands aren't as pretty as yours.)

subu said...

I am so glad you are enjoying the awesome skeleton earrings. They look perfect on your ears!!

Thanks for the linky love.