Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sugar Smack!

Now, I love my Lucky Charms!

I try to feed my kids healthy foods, but I also like to give them some of the few delectable joys that I loved as a small child. So, I tend to mix a handful of Cheerios with a handful of Lucky Charms before tossing it down onto the twin’s tray for a crunchy snack.

But I also like a good bargain! That is why I tend to buy the generic versions, or the big bag versions of my favorite cereals, to see if they stand up to the original.

Malto Meal usually tastes pretty darn good, and their marshmallows have that perfect Lucky Charm crunch, so when I saw that a 14 ounce box of real Lucky Charms was above SIX DOLLARS (!!) I turned my back and headed over to the monster size bags that tend to be cheaper. I grabbed the Malto Meal Marshmallow Mateys because I have had them before, they say they are at least made WITH whole grains, and it was far cheaper.

But then I get them home, open the bag, and dig out a handful with, like 60 marshmallows and 10 oat pieces! I think, as Moms do, “Great, another one of those boxes where all the good pieces are in the top and the healthy ones on the bottom and you have to mix it yourself!” So I start stirring and looking for the section with the healthy bits, and there is NONE!!

Let me show you what I mean. Here is a handful of cereal from the dregs of the box of Lucky Charms we are just finishing:

THIS is the same size handful of Marshmallow Mateys! I mean look at this!!

Now, I know that grain prices have skyrocketed, but Malto Meal seems to have found a way around raising their costs like all the other brands have! It seems they have switched around the ratio of marshmallow bits to oat bits! There is nary an oat bit in the box!!

And what sold me on this bag, as opposed to the other bagged cereal???

Yup, it’s right there on the bag:

The fact that it was made WITH (read: “a few”) whole grains!

Now, when I was a child, this would have been my dream-bag of Lucky Charms, but now, even though I want my kids to have the joy of sugary bits in their cereal (such the good mom!) I just can’t serve this to my kids! There is no way I am pouring Noah a bowl full of marshmallows in the morning!



But not my kids!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessin' that package was meant to read: MARSHMALLOWS, Mateys!!

Snowbird said...

Wow--well, you get a box of cheerios and mix them with a third of a box of Mateys and you have it made. Or you give the kids 1/3 of the box and you eat the rest. :-)

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Ha, ha!! I like that, anonymous, whoever you are!! Michael says that we should write a polite letter to the company complaining...


Will they send us more oaty anchors to add to the bag?

Katrina Stonoff said...

"Myself? Maybe ... But not my kids!"