Monday, March 17, 2008

7-Eleven: They Got What You NEED!

We had a long drive home in the dark last night, and after such a long day, both Michael and I were VERY sleepy, with two hours left to drive. Noah was crashed out in the back seat, and we decided it was time for some coffee; fuel for the drive home.

I had fantasies of Kona Coffee in the land of Kona, but all that was open this late on a Sunday night was the 7-Eleven. I waited in the car with the boy as Michael went in to get the coffees. We chatted a lot to keep each other awake the whole way home, and when we arrived, I poured Noah into his bed as Michael brought our gear up from the car.

When all was done, nearing midnight, I looked out the windows of our little apartment to the ocean, and there on the table on our balcony was a little 3 inch by 3 inch chocolate cake with 5 lit candles in it (NOT 42!) and Michael began singing Happy Birthday in my ear.

Even though we were exhausted, we sat and ate chocolate cake and talked about our day.

I have the best hubby. Really.


Snowbird said...

I love all of your posts and am so thrilled that you can keep us updated on your trip. If you have a chance, hop over to my blog to read about my beautiful daughter. :)

Again, Happy Birthday and enjoy your much needed and earned vacation. And yes, you do have a wonderful hubby.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-DAY, to you!

Killlashandra said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday surprise! Hope it was a great one. :)

If you want to play I tagged your for some link love. Come by and check it out. Thanks.

Have a great Easter!