Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures of Haircuts, Finally

All right, Mom, I will stop torturing you with days of "before" and "during" pictures! The wait is over.

I survived. And in the end, the haircuts make the twins look like what a lot of folks would describe as a couple kids who need a haircut. But, hey, I like their hair long, and I am their Mama.

So there, people!

After all this buildup I realized that pretty much every picture of the kids I have, post-haircut are blurry images, mostly of Luka. Luka's hair, the more I look at it, probably does need a trim. I kind of like how he looks in these pictures, but his hair was really dirty (they didn't wash it when they cut it) so I think it laid more nicely. Now that it is clean, it is a lot fluffier and shaggier. So I might trim it up a bit, if I build up the nerve.

Ethan's hair looks fine, but it is kind of sad. In the photo I showed to describe what I wanted, the boy has curls in his short hair. Sadly, Ethan's ringlets were mostly in the bottom of his wee mullet, and they are all gone. He has some serious waves, more so than what shows in this photo of him, but its still kind of sad.

But I am fine.

I know it will grow, and get cut, and grow and get cut. It's just a little hard because its another step toward being big-boys and loosing my last babies to the march of time.


AlaskaTeacher said...

I think they look adorable! Their Mama made a great choice about their haircuts!

Snowbird said...

I agree that they look more like boys now but I still miss the long, shaggy look on Luka and the long, curly look on Ethan. Just something I will have to get used to I guess. I still LOVE the picture of Luka with the huge tears in his eyes, holding Lambie, and trying to be soooo brave while he was getting his hair cut. That one breaks my heart.

Elaine said...

They look great!

I cut Lily's hair SHORT today and it was totally freaky. Go look it you dare. I did the before and after in one post, unlike some people I know...


tonya said...

Cute, cute boys! Celine Dion, you ain't, my dear. They look great!

I am avoiding the whole haircut issue, and Tiny Boy's 20 months now. J. keeps hinting that he needs a trim, but it's not even long enough to fall onto his forehead yet. I'm hoping to hold off until he's two (at least)!!

Cindy said...

Oh they look so adorable... before and after! I loved the sequels, by the way. Such drama! I kept thinking: Will she ever post the afters? Will her mom leave a threatening post if she doesn't? Will she show off some more bokeh for us? ;) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) look at that emo boy style on this blog: