Saturday, March 15, 2008


Just a quickie post to let you all know we arrived safe and sound.

The flight was very long but non-stop. Noah did AWESOME! When we landed we had a quick trip through baggage claim, to the car rental place and to our condo. But as awesome as he did on the plane, we are already SO DONE hearing "are we there yet?" and "how much longer?"

After taking a look around our little resort, we drove down to a park called (in English) "The Place of Refuge" Its the place that many chieftains are buried and where people went to for sanctuary from persecution and for safety in times of war. Lots f tikis and some carved boats and recreations of huts.

We went out for a great dinner, taking advantage of the restaurant gift certificate Mima gave us for our birthdays. Thanks Mima!! I had blackened salmon, Michael had pad Thai and Noah stared at a bowl of Mac and Cheese.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we are off to the other side of the island to see the Volcano National Park and see where the lava is currently flowing into the sea. Its funny to hear Noah saying about once an hour, "you know, we are ON a volcano RIGHT NOW!"

I am in the lobby, supposedly checking the weather and if the park is open (apparently Pele is spewing lots of sulphur dioxide up at the crater, hinting that we should spend more time down at the coast watching the lava light show!). So this is your quickie update. More later!


Snowbird said...

Yay, glad you made it ok. I kept looking at the clock trying to imagine where you were and what you were doing. Glad to hear that Noah did ok on the plane trip and that the trip to Hawaii hasn't changed him much. ie: staring at food. LOL. Have a great birthday. Wow, 42 years ago, right now, your brother and I were watching Gemini 8 on TV. First flight to dock in space. We've come a long way baby!! Or should I say Baby Girl. Love you lots!!!

gpc said...

How nice to have Pele burping in welcome! Happy birthday and remember to fit in a little relaxation!


Carmen said...

Glad the flight went well. Happy birthday and enjoy your vacation!

Cindy said...

Glad you made it safe. I'm just going to have to bug you every single day until I see some pics, woman! LOL Shoot, I would have even settled for a pic of the mac and cheese. ;) (Sounds like my kiddo)

Jessica said...

Aloha to you guys! What a beautiful spot of paradise you are in!!

Just remember (and I am sure the locals will let you know) DON'T bring home any rocks or any piece of the island. Pele really gets mad and they told me that the post office gets thousands of lava rocks back every year from people who have experienced terrible luck.

I remember going out to the beach one night and really feeling the power and intensity of Pele, she is a mighty womanspirit.

ROCK ON, birthday girl!