Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Just got back from an hour at my friend Joyce's house and then put the kids down for nap. I stopped by the new rental house we will be moving into after we get back from Hawaii, and peered in the windows, made some plans for the kitchen. Now I am sitting down eating a stolen orange from the neighbor's tree and about to get back to work on plans for our tourist destinations in Hawaii.

I am STILL having pain in my neck, even after 11 days, and Joyce is a physical therapist, so she had me come over so she could do some work on it. She thinks I pinched something in something... I was too engrossed in the massage that I wasn't payng a lot of attention. I think I may need to fake injury all year to get the free massages!!

It was funny, Luka was really stressed seeing me on the bench seat she had me lay down on while she worked, and was constantly bursting into tears, and trying to make me stand up. I finally had to seatbelt him down with a snack in the kitchen so he would let us finish. She gave me some exercises, but it looks like I am going to Hawaii with a painful neck.

Hawaii is gonna be a blast, though. I have planned a kid-friendly snorkelling excursion, a luau, a mule-pulled wagon ride through Waipio Valley (check THIS out!!) because Noah is too young for the horseback rides, a trip in a REAL submarine, and of course a trip out to Volcano National Park.

We are so excited about that trip because Kilauea, which has been erupting for years, has really been putting on a show for the last few days! Some streams of lava have been going gangbusters and two of them finally reached the ocean. They just created a new access road to get people to a safe viewing area, so we may have to find a way to plan the trip to see the lava at night time.

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Snowbird said...

Cool--or hot--whichever way you look at it. Have a fantastic time in Hawaii. I am soooooo jealous!!

Poor Luka, he was just looking our for his mommy. I'm glad that Joyce could help a little. Maybe you need to take her to Hawaii with you. I'm sure she wouldn't mind it one bit!!