Friday, March 14, 2008

Flying The Coop!

Today is our last day at home before heading off to the enchanted land of HAWAII!! Wooot! I am so excited to get there. Its my first time ever. For those who need catch-up, we are going to the Big Island for about 5 days for a medical conference that Michael needs (yeah, NEEDS!) to attend. The conference is in the ritzy northwest of the island at Hapuna Beach, but we are staying in cheaper digs 50 minutes south in more laid-back Kailua-Kona.

Tonight, we head to Mima's (Michael's mom) house to get the twins settled in with her, spend the night, and then off to the airport the next morning. I am not looking forward to 6 hours on an airplane. As I get older, I have been developing a growing (irrational, I know...) fear of flying. It's not really a fear of flying... I LOVE flying. Its falling I don't like. Falling for, like, 10 minutes before the big crash. So, I tend to white-knuckle it through every bump and twitch.

I don't know how much I will be posting. I will be taking about 3 million photos a day, but I don't have Photoshop on the laptop (so I won't be able to make any photo look all pretty) and we will have to go to the lobby for wireless hookup. The internet in the room is a little too pricey for us, so updates might be few and far between.

We will be celebrating both mine and Michael's birthdays (16th and 19th of March respectively) while we are there. Hopefully, we will be able to finagle a great restaurant with a kid's menu for Noah once in awhile.

Well, I gotta go have a picnic on the living room floor with my son. (He is asking for those potato chips that are translucent, not opaque!! Such the smartypants.)

No picture for this post. I am still packing and such. No time. Gotta run.

More later!!


AlaskaTeacher said...

I hope you have the most fun ever!!!! I love Hawaii. I think about it all the time during the long winter months here in Alaska. Make sure you allow yourself some time to just kick back and relax! Some of my favorite moments were the times I just enjoyed the sunshine, water, and beautiful surroundings.

Snowbird said...

Have a safe, fun, fantastic, RELAXING trip. I will miss your posts but do drop an email if you can. Happy Birthday to both of you. Love you and miss you. Mom

Emily said...

oh boy! have a great trip, can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to wear sunblock!
Have a fantastic time!

Cindy said...

Well fiddlesticks!! You mean I gotta wait until you get back to see pics??? I don't think I can wait 5 days! What am I going to do... ohhhh the agony!

Seriously though, hope you have the time of your life. I'll keep an eye on your blog while you're gone. ;)

Corey~living and loving said...

Have a happy and safe trip! :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Wow! What an awesome trip that will be. Can't wait to see the pictures :)