Monday, March 3, 2008

Haircuts, Finally (Part Deux)

I know.

I am dragging this haircut out like its some epic drama, but its the only thing that I have photos of that I can blog about right now. And frankly, I have so many cute photos that I have to spread it out so I can post all of them. I mean, look at this. Poor, tortured guy.

I found this cute little place in La Jolla that is a salon just for children called Little Locks. The woman who cut their hair was named (I think) Larita, and I HIGHLY recommend her if you are in the area because she did exactly what I asked her to do.

Which was basically, "leave it long".

I told them that there were some photos online that I would like to have their hair cut to look like, and the folks there were happy to let me bring up the web pages. Here are the links for what I showed them for Ethan and for Luka.

Larita took such a quick look at both pictures I was worried she wouldn't really do what I asked, but she was spot on. She even asked if I wanted to cut a bit more from Luka because it was still pretty long on the sides (like the picture) but I hemmed and hawed and finally told her no. I figured I could cut it more if I needed to, myself. (And a couple days later, it looks like I might just do that).

This place has it all figured out. The kids sit in little cars or airplanes while getting their hair cut, they have cartoons to watch, and you literally have to walk through a toy store to get to the salon! They seem to be okay with the kids playing with the toys while waiting, and there are even live bunnies to look at in cages that are housed at toddler level.

Look at Luka.

What a little trooper he was. Of course, he had his lovey, "Lambie" clutched tight in his lap. I think the cuts would have gone better if the kids hadn't gotten spritzed with water bottles before the cut. But it was necessary to get those crazy locks tamed.

So, yeah, both kids cried. Both kids survived. Both kids still look cute.

Here is evidence of the carnage:

The "After" pics will be in the next post.

Sorry, Mom. Nyah, Nyah!

Lord, you'd think this story was a Penny Dreadful the way it goes on and on!


Snowbird said...

Oh my poor babies!! You mean mommy you. I got tears in my eyes looking at those pictures and especially at the video. It looks like Ethan could have used a Lambie to hang on to also. I love the pictures you picked to fashion their haircuts after though. I recognize the one you picked for Luka's haircut. I guess I'll have to wait to see the after pictures. You really are a mean mommy you know!! :-)

Snowbird said...

I just looked at the video again. That poor kid will never, ever want to get in a toy car ever again!!

Killlashandra said...

Eeep! I hope next time goes better.

Derek said...

I think it looks like it all went quite well, all things considered. Hats off to your mommy-fu skills for finding that little'uns haircutting place!

I certainly can't claim to be an expert, but to me that looked and sounded like your average, moderate fear-of-the-unfamiliar crying. A far cry* from your stops-out, full-throated wail of terror... do I perceive correctly?

* sorry, I couldn't resist

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Derek, Its true, he wasn't in a complete panic. Not like when we went to the doctor and I held Luka tight while the doctor looked into his mouth and ears.

Ethan stood nearby and just freaked, crying in full fear because he knew he was next and he didn't understand what was being done except that I was forcing Luka to suffer through it.

That broke my wee heart.

The Farmer Files said...

Aloha...your mom linked this post to my last post, LOL.

I am from San Diego,too. I haven't lived there since I left for college, though!

Anonymous said...

I so know the feeling! My little boy refuses to even go inside a barber shop> :o( May I use the 3rd photo for my blog? I will link it back to your blog for sure.