Sunday, March 2, 2008

Haircuts, Finally. (The Before Shots)

Well, we did it. We finally bent to the social pressure and had the twins' hair cut!

I am SO thankful that none of the social pressure came from ANY of my family members. It mostly came from from well-meaning ladies at the grocery store who are constantly telling me how lovely my girls are. And the rest of the pressure came from my own internal dialog (which can be social pressure if you count ALL the voices).

So, for your perusal, I give you the BEFORE photos of their hair.

This is the side of Ethan's hair. Can you see why it was hard to cut this? He actually had Shirley Temple ringlets in the back!! Here is the front:

I have always cut Noah's hair, it being so straight and simple. The curls and waves on the twins threatened and intimidated me. And as their hair grew longer, I learned I preferred longer hair to shorter hair on these boys.

I kept expecting the grandmas to give me sweet gentle nudges toward the scissors, but one insisted I not cut it until she came to visit in 5 weeks and the other insisted they looked just perfect the way they were. I thank you, ladies, for letting me do this when I was good and ready.
And, finally I was.

I mean, who wouldn't be... Luka had passed from lovely locks, through mullet-ville, into Crystal Gayle Land!

I mean just look at the back! Not a curl left, which was my original excuse for not cutting it. When you washed it, it lengthened out to past the middle of his back!

I am mad for this picture of Luka, though. I am going to miss those shoulder-length locks. Not that its not still a bit long. As a preview, I will say there are those who would look at Luka post-haircut and say he is ready for one now.

Ethan, in my opinion, could have gone a wee bit longer, but with twins, you tend to do things at the same time to save yourself the extra trips.

I decided to take them to a hairdresser, which I may continue to do in the future, after I deduce whether or not I can cut their hair on my own after careful observation of a curly-cut. Not that Luka had a curl left on the back of his head.

I clipped a curl or two from both their heads, just in case I never saw those curlie-ques again.

To be continued.


Snowbird said...

I love the before shots and can't wait for the after shots. Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

gpc said...

Watching them grow out of all their sweet baby ways is hard, no doubt about it. But I bet they look adorable with their first little man-ish cuts!