Monday, May 14, 2007

Baby Noah

Just thought you might like to see this... this is what Noah looked like when he was the same age the twins are now.
I realize this blog is a little biased towards Noah so far... I should probably get some posts about the babies on soon.



Pam said...

noah i love u. alex

Tell Noah that Alex typed that all by himself. When I told Alex that Noah is going to Kindergarden, he screamed "with me??". We all really miss you guys.

derek said...

Quelle blog! So I guess this is what I get for turning you on to Dooce, huh? ;-)

Well, it's great to see you blogging it up! That's a great picture of Noah, and I loved the shots that you emailed along recently, too.

Oh also - I can explain the "subscribe" thing to you - it's actually quite handy.