Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Little Computer Geek!

So, Noah was watching me on the computer, and asked if he could work with my Adobe Photoshop program!! I was color balancing some pictures, and he wanted to play with the sliders. And would you believe he set it JUST RIGHT!!?? Holy Cow!

So I showed him how to pick colors in the painting section of the program and set him up with a photo of himself to paint on. He immediately went to the color green and painted two rows of boogers streaming out of his nose!!


I soon just gave him a black canvas to work on, and left him alone. He painted this great picture of fireworks and wrote his name across the top all by himself!!

I'm so proud of my little geeky boy!!


Snowbird said...

Way to go Noah. Beyuh thinks you are a very special Computer Geek!!

Carmen said...

I'm getting to the point where I won't be able to keep Gregory from the computer much longer. He is now showing interest. Unfortunately, he was watching me browse through YouTube, so he'll probably pick up a bunch of bad habits from me!

Karen C. said...


Oh, Noah discovered youtube.com LOOOONG ago! We use it to show him things like how a venus flytrap catches bugs and when he wanted to see a building get demolished once, and for educational things, but also, he watches sesame street clips and Harry Belafonte videos (I kid you not!). He has a whole Favorites Page of things I deem okay for him to look at. Such the computer geek I am raising!