Saturday, May 12, 2007

Turning my black thumb green.


When we moved into our little house here in San Diego, I just LOVED my little backyard fenced in courtyard where my babies can play and walk around in the shade and not be able to escape, allowing me to wash some dishes or even (gasp!) run in and pee!

Did I say Shade?

There is this almost sad joke now, that everytime I move into a new rental, the landlords cut down a tree within the first week. I was told they would "clean up" the courtyard and true to their word, they DID! Including chopping down both shade trees.

Well, this has spurred a desire to "green up" the place even though I have never been good at keeping plants alive.

So I have this new mission... I go on craigslist and look for people who are selling their plants because they are moving. I write them an email and tell them I cannot buy anything, but if they are unable to sell their plants before their move, write me and I will come, get them, and give them a good home. If I don't kill them in the process...

And it has worked! I have so far about 12 free plants, many of them very big bushes and small trees. All in pots so I can take them with me when I move. And I also got a number of cuttings and free little pots. So Noah and I planted all the cuttings and have been trying to get them to take off. Noah is also studying flowers this month in school so we planted some flower seeds that he picked out on his own and I am PRAYING that they come up.

Also got this big window box to put on the shelf outside my kitchen sink window. Got lots of flowers in red, yellow and blue to put in there.... maybe tonight. Should be gorgeous.

If I don't kill them in the process...


PinkPeacePalJackie said...

Howdy Karen,
Whenever I need guaranteed seed success with children, I use radish seeds. They come up quickly, the radishes are ready to eat in 30 days. Luvnu

Karen C. said...

Thats if you can get your kids to eat radishes... (Imagines trying to get Noah to eat radishes... HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH HAH HAH!!!)


v said...

What a fabulous idea. I linked to you from wannabehippie. I also love craigslist, in fact I'm heading there this moment to see what is free in Boston today. :)