Friday, May 18, 2007

Zen Gardening

I have had this window box for a few weeks now and keep planning to fill it with flowers so that I can look out over the color when I am doing dishes. There is a shelf out there and a long window box was just the perfect thing.

Last weekend, Michael had to work Saturday and so was given Friday off work, and he and I went shopping with the babies, looking for things for the house. Noah was in preschool. I found this great sale on colorful flowers and got way too many to fit in my window box, in red, purple and yellow. They, too, have been sitting around waiting to be planted.

The other day, while Luka slept and Ethan toddled around the courtyard, I finally planted that window box, and its just SO PRETTY!

Ethan, who is a born Zen master of gardening, realized right off that there were just too many purple blossoms to be perfect, so he picked ten or twelve of them right off, handing me each one in succession until he felt that there was perfect balance and symmetry.

We were very pleased with our results.


Snowbird said...

That's my Ethan.

Carmen said...

How very cute. Gregory liked to help out in the garden/yard when he was younger. I wonder if he will do the same this year when we replant the front.