Sunday, May 13, 2007

Worst... Mom... EVER!!!

Michael asks me what I would like for Mother's Day this year. He says he hasn't gotten me anything and would like to do something for me. I finally break down and say that what I really want is time away... sit in a coffeehouse alone, wander through little boutiques, walk along the beach, not have to worry about being anywhere at any time. No responsibility.

I would like to do this for one day, for the length of time he usually goes to work. Be home by six.

Yes, for Mother's Day, I want NOT to be a mother. To get away from my kids. Worst Mom Ever.

Now, I would RATHER spend the day sitting in a coffeehouse with Michael. Wandering along the beach with Michael. Sitting in the back corner of a little restaurant for as long as we feel like... with Michael. But SOMEONE has to watch the kids. And there is no one who will take my brood for 8 hours. No one I would not keep thinking about all day.

Except Michael.

HE was thinking of HIS mother, and thought he could kill two birds with one stone. Give me my time away, AND go spend time with his Mom. So on a moments notice, at the drop of a hat, he whisked them off to Encino tonight to see Mima!!

And I am alone in the house. Writing my blog. At 1:15 in the morning because I don't want to waste any free time sleeping.... and yet wanting to sleep for 11 hours straight. But even I know I won't get woken up in the middle of the night on this night. Or by Noah at 5:45am telling us its morning.

Ahhhhh..... worst mom ever is gonna have a BLAST tomorrow.

(or later today I guess it is.)

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Elaine said...

Sounds like a perfect day for me. Does that make me a bad mom too? We should totally start a club or something!