Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moment of Zen

Lots of families have those little nighttime rituals to lull their children to sleep. Sitting in the rocking chair, bed time book, warm bath.

My family ROCKS!!

See, it all starts with someone screaming "Moment of ZEN!!!!" to whomever is not in the room at the appropriate time... hmmmm... maybe I should back up and explain.

See, we usually watch (or attempt to watch over the chaos) the Daily Show with Jon Stewart at 8pm. After the opening monologue, Michael and Noah go to brush their teeth and get into pajamas. At the very end of the show, right before the Colbert Report starts, Jon plays an odd little video which he prefaces with "And now for your Moment of Zen..."

"Mommy! Mommy! Its MOMENT OF ZEN!!!!!!!"

And we all come gather around the television. Luka goes right up and grasps the edge of the entertainment center. Ethan usually comes running to me and wants to be picked up so we can dance together. Noah finds something that looks like it could be a guitar, and Daddy gets ready to get his groove on, too. And then the theme song for the Colbert Report begins and our whole family begins to dance with wild abandon!
Luka has to hold onto the tv stand because he is pumping his shoulders back and forth like an 80's glam rocker. Noah's hair is flying, Daddy is doing his silliest goofball dance and I am bouncing Ethan till he has a giggle fit. At the end of the song, Noah screams along with the eagle cry, and Ethan throws both hands in the air in triumph. Luka usually applauds our efforts although he couldn't have seen them with his face six inches away from the television.

Then its off to bed for everyone.

You all do that with your kids too. Right?


Snowbird said...

I don't think you're the worst mom ever. I think that was the smartest thing you could possibly ask for. I think you deserved a day off. Maybe next time you should ask for 2 or 3 days. :-)

Elaine said...