Saturday, May 12, 2007

Oooh, Photoshop... yummmm


I think I just figured out how to put photos on these things. I believe there is some sort of limit to how many I can put on here, storage and all... but lets start out with a family shot. Many of you already got this pic in my last spam mail.

A secret... in this photo, everyone looked great except for me. There was another shot where I looked good and everyone else was a mess. So, finally, having gotten my adobe photoshop back, I put my good face from the one picture over the goofy face from the other picture. And voila! A picture where we all look pretty good!!

This was taken at Easter of 2007 at Mima's house.

(Mima is Michael's mom.)



Hawker said...

See you fooled me, never would have known had you not spilled the beans and ruined it all for me.

Besides we know you always look good, even after 2 weeks in the woods with no shower (course we know Michael is the king of looking good in the woods) so how could you not have looked good?

Karen C. said...

Ha!! I should post the before pic so you can see! I didn't look so bad just "over exuberant"!

If I could get a job playing on photoshop all day, I think I would be happy...


Hawker said...

Playing on Photoshop all day.
Well I guess you could get a job playing with it all day.