Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day at Preschool

So, on Friday it was Mother's Day at preschool.

I have been a mom for four and a half years, but I really have been a bit isolated in the "mom community". I had Pam, my friend with a boy Noah's age, and we hung out a lot when we lived in Ohio, and a Meetup Group, but once the babies were born, that became too hard to get out to. So, I haven' been mingling with Moms much.

But I got initiated this friday. Noah came home with a rolled up scroll, inviting me to breakfast at his preschool with the other Moms. Michael actually had that day off (so he could work today, Saturday) and so I was free to go. Which was good because almost every single kid had a mom there, and no siblings dragged along for good measure!

It was SO CUTE! They all stood in a rows at one end of the room, and sang this song that sounded like some old world Jewish song (read: minor chords and sentimentality) about Mother ("Mother... sweet Mother.... of Miiiiiiine!"). It came complete with hand signs and goof ups. Just darling. Then each kid picked up a flower from a vase and brought it to his mom, saying... "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy... would you please have breakfast with me?"

Then, Miss Kip comes around with a box of tissues, one for each mom.

We had a lovely spread, with waffles, bagles, fruit, sausage, coffee.... coffee..... coffee.... ahhh....

We each got a backpack decorated by the kids, and a beautiful card. Mine had a picture of Noah and me throwing rocks in the river at the Riverhouse (our house on the Cuyahoga River back in Akron).

So sweet....


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