Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stumped already...


My second post and I am wondering what to write already! I should be putting my oldest son to bed for his nap, but he is dozing off while watching Powerpuff Girls on the tv. So... why not sit here beside his cute little face and "blog". What a wacky verb.


Last night, Michael went to go see Jason's play, Enchanted April and I stayed home with the kids which is a bit of a challenge when you have to get all three to bed at the same time. We (still having much unpacking to do) came across a box with our old family videos in it, and I pulled out the one where Noah was the same age the twins are today.

He was the same size, but looked SO DIFFERENT than they do. He had the same hair he has today, all mop-top. He was a linguistic GENIUS I swear! He still loves to learn big words. But in the video we are showing him flashcards and he is telling us the letters on some of them.

OK to be fair, he was 19 months old in that video and the babies are now nearly 18 months, and they were born 6 weeks early so they are really even younger, and I didnt have all the one-on-one time with them.... but MAN! That boy knew a lot of words!!

I did eventually get them all toothbrushed and in bed. A bit later than usual but what the hey. I did it alone! Woooooot!!!

On sunday (Mother's Day) I get to go see the play, and Michael will stay home. These are our dates. Take turn dates.

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Pam said...

I love your blog! It makes me feel like I'm not 3,000 miles away! You are right, Noah is a genius, but you shouldn't compare kids. I remember several times being amazed by his knowledge. For example, the time we went to the Kids Fair in Akron together. They were both still in strollers and I remember Michael making letter shapes out of pretzels and Noah knew every one. Or the time playing in your sandbox at the river house and hearing Noah rhyme! So don't think of your boys as being far behind, because Noah is just that far ahead!