Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Typical Trip to the Grocery Store with Twin Toddlers

1) Look at clock and wonder if I can make it to the grocery store by naptime.

2) Decide to go for it.

3) Change two diapers.

4) Find two jackets to disguise two snotty, drooly baby shirts.

5) Load one kid into the car.

6) Discover second kid has pooped again, change third diaper.

7) Load second kid into car.

8) Make a quicky sandwich to eat on the road because the three cups of coffee I had for breakfast are not being agreeable.

9) Drive down the block.

10) Go back for the overdue library videos.

11) Drop off videos at Library.

12) Follow directions to Henry’s, a cool whole foods market that might have the special ingredients I want for dinner.

13) Find that the directions lead me to a closed Henry’s store.

14) Drive further away to one that I know is alive and open.

15) A mile away from the store, look back and see one baby has already dozed off.

16) A block away from the store, look back and see the other baby has dozed off.

17) Decide if I want to go to the store with two sleeping babies for 45 minutes, and then have them be awake and cranky all day, or just go home and put them to bed and have good long naps, and time to get OTHER things done. (Yes, it works that way.)

18) Turn around and go home with no groceries.

19) Wonder if I can go get groceries with the babies, after nap, before dinner time.

20) Decide to go for it.

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Shawn said...

Very funny. I've been wanting to write something about how freakin' hard it is to get out of the house, but haven't been creative enough with how to do it. This is a great way! Fun to read. Thanks for the laugh. I soooo relate! Though, I gotta say, I wouldn't dare try and go to a new store by myself. : )