Friday, August 31, 2007

ABCs and 123s with Miss B.!

We got her!!

When I went to register Noah for kindergarten, we were all given the grand tour and I was asking one of the PTA Moms a couple questions. She pointed out one of the teachers and said, “She’s awesome!! She is like the most perfect kindergarten teacher ever. Kind and sweet, supportive and funny”.

Later, during that tour, I saw that teacher going through a chart with her students, where the kids pronounce every letter in the alphabet and all the sounds it makes like a little (make that very long) song. While hard to describe in words, I thought it was a genius method, and hoped Noah got in that class just because I knew that chart/song would work SO well with his style of learning.
Then, I found out that she works on writing every single day. That is the area that Noah lacks most. Of course they had been in school a whole year by then, her students could sit at their desks reading a few books for a full half hour at a time!

We had met her a couple days ago when I took Noah to the school to be evaluated, and she was the one interviewing him to see how much he knew of his letters and numbers, etc.

Well, today was Kindergarten Orientation. Noah got to come with me to find out which teacher he got, and to see his classroom. There were all four teachers standing beside big lists with their students’ names on them. I looked at her list first and sure enough, he was in her class! YAY!!

I took Noah over to meet her and said, “Noah? Do you remember Miss B.? She was the teacher we met on Monday at the evaluation! She is going to be your kindergarten teacher!”

Miss B. knelt down to Noah and said, “Good Morning, Noah, I am really looking forward…”

And then Noah threw his hands around her neck and gave her the biggest hug! Surprised, she warmly hugged him right back.

When he pulled away, he almost had tears in his eyes, and it made me well up a little too, this big show of emotion!

So, we are all very happy.

We got to see the classroom, and Noah found the desk with his name on it, was very excited to find the hidden compartment underneath with a basket that held a pencil, a gluestick, a box of crayons and a pair of scissors, all for his own use. He sits between Carly and Charlie.

Afterward, of course, it was off to buy a backpack and a few random school supplies.

We have 3.5 days off now before school starts, but I think Noah would be happier if he could start school tomorrow.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for
others. --Author Unknown

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I love this story.