Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Adventures

This weekend, Noah went up to his Mima’s house for the weekend while the twins stayed down south with us. We are trying to see how well he does on more extended time away from Mom and Dad and he did just great! He had a blast.

Vera (Mima) came down on the train and I picked him up from preschool early and took him to the train station to meet her. He had his little backpack and was ready for an adventure. They went back north together on the train.

That evening, he got to see his beloved Uncle Mark and Aunt Michele for dinner. On Saturday, he had his first of two swim lessons in Mima’s pool. We have been having trouble trying to get Noah to learn to swim. With Mom and Dad, when we try to get him to blow bubbles with his face down in the pool, he politely says, “No, thank you!” Even with incentive. So she found a swim teacher who came to her house to instruct him and he did just great! He was very proud of blowing bubbles and paddling with the board, and even went under completely a couple times!

After swim lessons, they headed up to Oxnard to see his cousins Alex and Katie, who live close by to us, but were up there for the weekend. There was playing on the beach, fishing, riding the electric boat, etc.

Later that evening it was back to Encino and to bed. Sunday, he had another lesson and a nap before heading back down towards San Diego. He and Mima came south, and we drove north with the babies, to meet half way at a Carrow’s Restaurant for dinner. Other than being very noisy and raucous, it was all very fun, and great to see my Noah again.

He really had a great time, and this trip he did not seem to miss us at all. In fact he was the one asking to go up there sometime in the first place!

One step closer to a mommy-daddy vacation some day!


Mom said...

Noah, I'm glad you had so much fun at Mima's house. And wow, I am so proud of you for learning to swim. Keep it up and then maybe you can show me next time we come to visit you.

tonya said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a blog! I'm happy to find ya. :)

So glad you had a great weekend with Noah off to Mima's. What a novel concept for us, being 400-1000 mi. from any such wonderful GMas. (And kudos to you for finding a way to make it work! Double bonus that he made progress swimming!)

Just reading down a bit... how is your little guy's head doing? Having moved away from a 2nd story house recently, I have known that fear. Hoping he's healing quickly.

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures!!

Thanks for stopping by! Your blog name always make me smile. :)