Thursday, August 9, 2007

Curses! Foiled Again!

I keep seeing Stay at Home Mamas pushing their strollers past my front window on their way to the neigborhood park and I get the urge to toss my kids in the stroller and run down there so I have someone to talk to. But usually one is sleeping or its just about time for lunch or I am still in my pajamas.

So I got this idea...

I printed up a flyer that said, "ATTENTION: STAY-AT-HOME MOMS!!" and below that I listed a time and day for all of us to come to the playground at the same time, so that we would be able to meet other moms who stay at home all day. I posted it about five days ago in two sposts at the playground.
Well, today, at the posted time, I pack up the kids and pedal on down there, and from a distance I see that there is not a single mom. Just 3 10-year-old boys hanging out. I played with the babies and waited a good half hour.

Want to know why no one showed up? Because someone had taken down my two signs.

I wondered if this would happen. I mean I do live in an association neighborhood, and the only signs you ever see posted in the area are for council meetings and such. I assumed there was probably a policy about posting signs. This is why I did not place my name or address on the flyers.

But Geez!!! It's not like I was selling anything or advertising! I'm trying to start a neighborhood community group!! Of FRIENDS!
Whoever took it down must have thought it was more important to NOT have two pieces of paper taped to the swingset and the slide than it was for some isolated women to get together and make some friends!!

It even said things like, "Finding it hard to make friends when you stay home all day? Feeling Lonely?" and "Lets get a big weekly group together so we can meet new people!" "Nannies and Daddies welcome!" and still, whoever it was, decided to take the signs down!!

For God's sake, if someone feels like keeping the neighborhood park so freaking clean, they should maybe bring a trashbag and pick up all the cigarette butts, plastic picnic forks, and plastic cup lids that are laying in the sand!
(stepping down from my little soap box now...)
I am trying to come up with a new plan of attack... maybe taping signs down to the floors of the play structures so that people won't see them from a distance... but they will if they are up at the structure preventing their small children from falling off.

If that doesn't work, maybe I will have to make little invite cards and keep them by the front door so I can run them out to passing women pushing strollers!
What's a girl gotta do!!???

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Kyra said...

Hi! You should check out That's where I found a Mommy & Me playgroup in my town. You can even start your own group. Beware, starting your own group takes more time than you think, I found this out the hard way! Hope that helps!