Thursday, August 16, 2007


Help! I’m next!

It’s coming to get me!!!

Get this freaky thing out of my house!

We have had our ridiculously huge share of viruses and bugs going around since moving to San Diego. Probably a combination of Michael bringing home nasty, nasty things from his patients, and also from Noah being in preschool and swapping cooties with all those other little rugrats.

I was never one to get sick very often, and usually I am the one who stays well as things are passed around my family one person at a time. And this time, baby, I am steering CLEAR!!

This one is freaky.

We think Noah got it first. He complained of pain in his neck and knee occasionally, but then he threw up at school and was sent home for more then 24 hours. He had a fever of 102. Not so bad.

Then, as he was getting better, Ethan got a fever and a rash of polka-dots all over his tiny body. He passed it to Luka, who got the freaky rash too.
Looked like a plucked chicken.

Now Michael has it. Does he get a rash? No…. he gets debilitated!! Every muscle in his poor body is being attacked from within. He winces when he limps from the couch to the stairs, yelps while walking up the stairs. I hear sudden cursing from the bathroom, so God only knows what the heck is going on in THERE!

It got so bad over the weekend that he was no longer able to take a lid off of a jelly jar, and every four hours when the medication wore off, he would get a near-migraine. I asked him to stay home from work on Monday but he insisted he would be fine. He had to use two hands to get the car into gear and drove off to work.

When he came home that day, he admitted he should have stayed home in the first place and he asked me to unbutton his dress shirt because he couldn’t manage it. He also finally agreed to go see a doctor on Tuesday just to make sure it wasn’t anything really serious.

I have to admit, this thing was starting to scare me.

Tuesday he was worse, and gimped it out the door for a first appointment with a new doctor. He asked for a specific blood test and the results were off the charts, letting him know that he had a severe inflammation of his muscles. He is went back in Wednesday, and will on Friday to do the test again to be completely sure its not something scary, but both he and the doctor feel that this is how the virus going around our house chose to attack him.

So, in the meantime, he has gone back to work today after asking for a 2/3rds workload for the next couple days, and will get that test done again Friday.

And me?

I am laying low, taking care of everyone but refusing to swap spit with ANYone, and only touching people when I absolutely have to. I want this thing dead and gone before it finds its way into MY body! God knows, it would likely turn my bones to goo and leave me a blob on the floor.

A blob with a migraine and polka-dots.


Elaine said...

YIKES! Stay away from my house, yo.

And hey, why does Michael think it's OK to go to work and share this thing? Stay home, get well, don't spread the love MAN!

Beckie said...

I say run for your life...I hate viruses like that.

take care...

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Hey, Welcome to my little corner of the world, Beckie!

Elaine, yeah he is like that. Feels guilty if he stays home. He says he sometimes have patients in his office asking for notes to get out of work, and they look at him like, "Man, YOU are sicker than I AM!!"

Mom said...

Hey, I've got a new display name now. I'm not Snowbird anymore. Anyway, take care of those 4 men of yours but take care of yourself too!! And, I'm not sure I would want MY doctor showing up to work that sick! Keep us posted.

Pea Pod Mommy said...

Wow, that is scary! Take care of yourself!