Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Super Star!!

Noah came to me the other day saying, “I have something to show you!!!”

We had been working on his writing a lot lately because he will be starting kindergarten in about a month (a MONTH???) and his Montessori teacher says that he is ready except for his handwriting skills. So we have been working on his lettering. After each page of Bs or Ps or whatever, I always put stars above his best ones.

Eventually, he wanted to learn how to “write a star” and so on the back of his pages I would put five dots with numbers beside them so he could do a little dot-to-dot. Even those looked pretty messy, but he could do them.

Then the other day, he holds up this paper towel that he had drawn on with a sharpie marker (a SHARPIE!!??) and he had made his very first hand-drawn star.

"Put it on your web-page Mommy!!"

He has been wanting me to do that again since he drew his first digital art in Adobe Photoshop (and mastered the toolbar much faster than I ever did)! I posted that drawing of fireworks on this blog awhile ago, and since then he begs me to put each new drawing and painting he does on my webpage. So, I told him to hold it up so I could take his picture.

I love how proud he looks.


Snowbird said...

Wow, way to go Noah. Beyuh is very proud of you. Keep up the great work. I love you and miss you!!!

Elaine said...

He looks like he's going to burst! Go, Noah!

Wrath said...

You the man, Noah. You the man.

Love, Uncle Dave