Monday, August 6, 2007

Roses are Red, Poison Dart Frogs are Blue

~~~ Friday ~~~

Well, it’s my anniversary weekend. 7 years on Sunday. I think I am going to be spending it with Noah.

A couple-few months ago, we were getting ready to move from the corporate housing apartment that we were being put up in. It was a very posh TWO bedroom apartment for the five of us. Noah had his own room, Michael and I shared a room, Luka slept in a playpen by our bed, and Ethan, who was then the poor sleeper (I guess he still is) was shunted to the closet at bedtime (Come on! It was a walk-in!).

We were moving into our current digs, a 1970’s tract house in a really cool little subdivision (surprisingly NOT mutually exclusive) complete with track lighting, a mirrored wall in the dining room, and a sunken living room! And THREE, (read em’ THREE!) bedrooms! We were finally able to set the cribs back up and use them.

Things were a bit harder back then. The babies were just learning to feed themselves, walk, and were great escape artists. Life, was, um… challenging. And so packing up what few belongings we had in the corporate housing apartments still was quite a chore.

Then, Michael came home with a brochure about one of these doctor conferences that he must occasionally attend to accrue some sort of points for some sort of credential or some sort (OK, if this is a doctor scam that doctors play on their wives, SOMEone email me and let me know before TOO many years go by!). The conference was local, so it would not involve hotel costs, and would qualify him for his… points, or whatever.

And it was the weekend before the move. HA!

After consideration of how little packing we were bound to get done on weeknights, we determined that we would forgo said conference and find one at a later date.

Well, it’s later.

And the next conference that fit the bill has come to town on my anniversary weekend. Surprisingly, I am okay with it. After all, we DID have our little anniversary tryst a couple weekends back when my awesome mother-in-law treated us to a night of babysitting Noah and the twins all by herself and setting us up in the Sheraton down by the harbor. VERY NICE!! So, we pretended it was our anniversary weekend even though it was not.

So, this weekend, Michael is going to what Noah calls “Doctor Class” and so I took Noah to preschool today and will pick him up. This would normally be no big deal until you factor in that I have to unload both toddlers into a backpack and on my hip so I can walk Noah into class for all of thirty seconds and then cart them back to their car seats. (Ahhh, I long for the days when my mom would leave us in the car to go in to the grocery store to shop! She had it so good!)

Tomorrow, I hang with the boys all day and Michael finishes his conference on Sunday in the early afternoon. I am sure I will be itching to get out of the house. I am trying to decide if I should get a little Mama-Alone-Time, or do our much-needed grocery shopping.

But most likely, I may be taking Noah back to the San Diego Zoo for a half day. We invested in memberships that last time we were there so we could go whenever we felt like it even for a couple hours here or there. I have been itching to get him back there.

If only for the camera fodder.

~~~ Monday ~~~

Ah, well, one can only dream about camera fodder.

Noah and I did go to the zoo together on Michael’s and my anniversary, Sunday. We did a half day, leaving after nap, and after Daddy got home from his “Doctor Class”. It was actually wonderful. We bought year-long memberships and since we had seen almost the entire zoo the last time, we just took our time and wandered and ate cotton candy and did very little of the zoo. Actually it was very relaxing!

But, I wanted to take some good pictures of the apes. As soon as we got to the orangutans, Noah yelped, “I HAVE TO PEEEEEE!!!” and off we ran. Later, we wandered past the gorillas and the big silverback was out as well as two mommies with their babies being all adorable. But my camera would not cooperate. It just didn’t like the window between the gorillas and me. (I however really appreciated said window during the silverback’s cranky tantrum.)

Noah also got to see his blue Poison Dart Frog. He got a stuffed one from my brother’s family for his first birthday, and so loves them. The last time we went to the zoo, it was in hiding, but on Sunday, it was front and center. Also, though, behind glass, and thus, unable to be photographed properly.


For this post’s picture, I leave you with the above close up of the HUGE bouquet of flowers that I came home to, after the zoo last night.


Just like my husband.


Snowbird said...

Quite the weekend!! I'm glad you had fun at the zoo. I can't wait to get back there, myself. I hate to tell you, but I don't think Doctor Class is a scam. :-) When I was teaching, I had to go to Teacher Class a lot too. I love the bouquet. What a great hubby you have!

Bonita said...

You write very well.