Friday, August 3, 2007

What does a Vicious Dolphin Say, Luka??

Well, its been awhile and I am feeling guilty about yet another contest post, so I thought I should write something for y’all.

Life has kind of settled down around here into the usual day-to-day. I should try to get a move on on those projects I have been wanting to do before the next big plan or trip or visit comes along. Things like decorating Noah’s room with all the stuff I already bought and have hidden in my closet so as to surprise him. And painting the living room green.

But its hard to get my groove on when the days are so pleasant and orderly, which they shockingly have been lately. The twins and I are in a zone… Breakfast, playtime, maybe a trip to the playground, nap, lunch, playtime, Daddy and Noah are home, Evening Mayhem.

Yeah, that mayhem part is confusing. You would think that adding a four year old (excuse me four and a HALF!) and another adult into the mix would balance out, but the evenings always turn into belligerence and desperation for some odd reason.

Maybe its because the babies are a bit speech-delayed.

See, when Noah was a baby, I REJOICED when he started talking because I had spent nearly a year with no one to talk to all day long. It was awesome to have even a toddler to converse with. And Noah was an linguistic genious. A great talker. Still is. He spoke so clearly and with such lovely diction.

The twins speak about six or eight words each, and three of them sound like “oh-wah”. None of them sound like the actual word (bah-bah for bottle, die-dee for diaper, dih-dow for get down) and we are the only ones who know what they are saying. They are 19 months old now. At this age, Noah was singing songs and identifying letters of the alphabet off of flashcards. (yes, I know that twins learn language more slowly, yes, I know they were born 6 weeks early so really their age is yadda yadda yadda.) Really, I am not all that worried about them, I just… worry about them.

Ethan is very proud of his new word, FLOWER, though. He says it, “WOW-wer!!!” And says it enthusiastically at every siting of a flower, a tree, a bush, or the moss glued to the side of a wicker basket I have.

But on the other hand Ethan doesn’t even seem to understand the question, “What does a ______ say?” yet. Luka can only answer the question about a dog, and only then occasionally.

Luka seemed to learn a few words and now hardly uses any of them because he has found that shrieking like some cross between an angry dolphin and a donkey in pain (while pointing) seems to get him most anything he wants. Seriously, this noise he makes is going to cause me to lose my mind. I am trying to figure out if I have any way of recording the sound and uploading it just to show you what I must live with all day.

But I digress…

In actuality, I think this lack of language is what is making it so peaceful around here lately. With Noah I went nuts having no one to talk to. Now that I live in a large crazy family, I think I really cherish the silence. And when Daddy and Noah come home, it’s all about the shouting and all that crazy energy amps up the babies a few notches, so they get all manic, too.

From the moment they walk in the door until the last child drifts off to sleep it's like a rip-roarin’ roller coaster ride. Michael and I have taken to indulging, nightly, in a bowl of ice cream after everyone is asleep, because we feel we so deserve it.

Yeah, like THAT is a good idea…

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