Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eye? Aye, Matey!!!




Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to figure them out either if they weren’t preceded by “Ethan, can you say BOTTLE?”

But hey! Give the boy a break! A light bulb finally has gone on in Ethan’s brain (that, or he finally figured out what “can you say?” means), and he is really getting interested in speaking some words out loud!

He has gone through a month or two of pointing at things and having me label them for him, but never really seemed interested in saying the word back to me. He is also finally pointing to some body parts when asked, “Where is your ear? Where is your belly?”.

This has been making me nuts because, as I posted before, Noah was a very gifted speaker by this age and every time he learned a new word (daily) he would say it with such clarity. I never really had to deal with baby talk or translating to other people for him.

But I am just so happy that Ethan is getting interested in saying words. His best word is “EYE!” and he says it with such enthusiasm, that I am forced to write it in caps with and exclamation point. It sounds like he is saying, “I won the LOTTERY!!!” . We have to work to keep him from putting an eye out with his finger tip while saying it too. He is so thrilled to know this word, it will change his bad mood on a dime if you ask him where his eye is!

Luka, on the other hand, stares blankly at you when you say, “Luka, can you say Mama?” But he can make a little bark when you say, “What does a doggy say?”. And if Ethan is not in a cooperative mood, and refuses to say a word, Luka will often say it while pushing his little truck around, without even looking up.

And the other day, when Noah opened the door for him, Michael and I both swear Luka said, “Thank you!” as he trotted on through. He does have a few words, he just chooses not to use them very often.

But with Ethan, we are getting somewhere.



Snowbird said...

Yay Ethan!!! Relax, Mommy, it will come :-)

Snowbird said...

By the way, I love the picture.

Anonymous said...

have you tried sign language? I heard kids can do basic signs easier than speaking. That way if they are slow to use their voice, they are still communicating.