Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baby Wrap!

I have been seriously toying with getting some sort of baby wrap. I know, the boys are almost two (Dec 20), but especially Luka wants to be held all the time and it just puts a stop to things.

Michael suggests tossing him in the backpack, which would let me do the things I need to do, but I know the desire to be carried is more about snuggling than being up high. I want to try baby-wearing because I can give him the closeness he wants, while still having my hands free.

But I have been pricing them, and man, the ones I like are super expensive, especially when I think that my babies aren't babies anymore.

But I just ran into a giveaway at When 2 Became 3, and she is giving away one of the kind I was looking at! Yes! So I am entering.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And Luka.



I just found another contest with another baby carrier that is SO GORGEOUS! I must enter!

If you want to enter...

Here is what you can WIN! You can win this sold-out Baby Dagny-exclusive multi stripe Peekaboo Pouch!

HOW TO ENTER: Just fill in the Mr. Linky and link to this contest at Adventures in Babywearing, and also link to this contest's wonderful host: Baby Dagny's big sale in a post on your blog before Wednesday August 22, 9 PM (CST.)

That's what I am doing!
This one is good for a kid up to 35 pounds! Lordy, I could still put NOAH in that thing!!


Stam House said...

Thanks for entering! I love wrap they are great and older kids love them too!

Anonymous said...

I heard those types of things are so much better for babies. That in 3rd world countries they don't have colic (cough thingy) and they attribute it to parents carrying the young on the back rather than in a pram. I would think on the back would be better for your body than on the front, so they can look over your shoulder. But I really am guessing (no kids, just based on what I read). Funny, cuz I was thinking the other day, if I had kids, that's what I'd have to do, cuz pushing a pram would be a pain.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for entering!!