Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Stuff. Its Good.

So I had to put this note on my front door that says, NO SOLICITORS because since moving into our new place, there are constant knocks to sign this petition, give money to that charity, chatty real estate people hunting for buyers, etc. It was working like a charm...

So when I got a knock on my door the other day, I swung it open all cranky and ready to be blustery, and there was Bob, our mailman with a BOX in his hand!! YAY!!!!

I knew what was in there and it felt like my birthday! Better even, because I only get cards in the mail on my birthday.

Recently, I have been entering blog contests like some kind of fiend. And I have actually been winning occasionally! Now, the booty is starting to roll in, and its so much fun to get little gifties in the mail!

The box was from Crafty CarolinaGirl. It included some Starbucks coffee (caf AND decaf!), a box of mints, and some of her homemade crafts. We don't usually buy decaf but got a couple tiny bottles of Kaluah recently in a gift basket (thanks Mima!). We decided this weekend, one night after the kids go to bed we will make some decaf Kaluah and Coffee!

Crafty CarolinaGirl sometimes makes pincushions and I forwarded my hubby’s idea about a voodoo doll pincushion because what better to stick pins in, right? Well, she made one up for me, and stuck it in the box too! SO much fun… now I gotta go get me some pins and think about who’s been bugging me most lately… hmmmm….

The next day, Michael comes wandering in from the mailbox and says, “What would you like… an Electric Bill? …or…MONKEY KISSES?

Well, duh!

Monkey Kisses!

From Monkey Kisses I got this awesome little pouch to put one of those skinny wipes boxes in, and a couple diapers, so that I can just toss it in my purse and go. And since I am one to risk (too often) a trip to the grocery store without the diaper bag, or a quick errand, this thing is going to be awesome! Now I no longer have to be embarrassed to pull out a diaper when looking for my wallet.

Then, today, came my autographed copy of The No-Cry Discipline Solution from Mommy of Three! She is a mom named Karen with three sons and a blog. Sound familiar? She also posts about a lot of contests and I won this one from her! We have been having a bit of trouble with our once sweet and kind, now grumpy and slightly rude almost-five-year-old, so this book is going to come in handy.

As if that weren’t enough, I just found out the other day, that that other Karen: Mommy of Three, and I BOTH won a copy of The Potty Training Answer Book from Shannon, over at Rocks in My Dryer. (She’s the one who hosted the whole Bloggy Giveaway Extravaganza Bonanza, in which I won the gift box and the diaper pouch in the first place! It’s getting darned incestuous!)

And ya know, THAT book is going to be coming in handy around here pretty soon.

And what with the big bouquet of anniversary flowers over my shoulder back there (make that TWO!! One from my sweet, sweet hubby, and the other pictured above, from Mima that is just stunning!). I have been feeling down right blessed with goodies! Almost like a birthday!

Happy Good Stuff stuff to me, happy good stuff to me! Happy Good stuff dear Karen…

Happy good stuff



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