Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some Good Reads

So, I have discovered what happens when you start a blog…

You want to know what other blogs look like so that you will get ideas on what to do on your own. And eventually, you begin to run across ones that make you laugh, or cry, or even look at things in a different light.

I have been reading quite a few pretty religiously. And I thought I would send a couple new faves some linky-love, by pointing them out to you guys so you can check them out.

Many of you know about sweet/salty which is a blog written by a woman named Kate who had a son, became pregnant with identical twin boys, had them come way too early and after some severe brain damage, lost one of them, and brought the other home perfectly healthy. She continues to inspire me with her writing, never pulling punches about her grief, her anger, her joys, her guilt. She is a constant reminder to me about how lucky and blessed I am.

On a completely different level, I almost always laugh out loud at a blog called Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper. Crystal is a wrong-side-of –the-tracks Mama who loves her kids but also enjoys torturing them as much as they do her. She writes in such an irreverent manner about her everyday life. She is a crack up with a great gift for seeing the hilarity in the mundane. If you don't like a bit of "rough" language, I would skip this one.

And lastly, I was surprised that I liked this one so much, but it’s a blog by a woman married to a cattle rancher, living life out on the range. Its called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Ree documents ranch life with a load of photos and wit. She has a bunch of posts that come with 10 or 12 pictures each, often taken within seconds of each other, explaining each moment by moment. You can almost hear her Oklahoma drawl. She also has a recipe page which rocks because she photographs each and every tiny step which is awesome for a wannabe cook like me. I was never interested in ranch life, but her blog has me hooked.

Lastly, I wanted to clue you into a great series of posts on a blog I do NOT read, but may look into when I have more time. I was directed over there from which said that this story was such a good read. It was. The blog is called Antique Mommy and her true story is called “The Box” and it is written over 6 posts but is gripping and heartfelt and made me cry at the very, very end. Awesome writing. Check it out. You can get to the first page here, and then click on the next page’s link in the upper right hand corner of her page.

Happy Reading!


Mom said...

Thanks for pointing me toward "The Box" What a great story. It is amazing how an incident can change so many lives even years and years later.

Sallie said...

I always love checking out new blogs and bookmarking them so I can really take the time to get to know someone! Thanks for all the links to even more!

God bless,